Public Speaking – How do I Start

Starting Out as a Public Speaker

Like any other project, starting out in Public Speaking is usually the hardest part.  Make it your goal to give your very best and in the following posts we will share how to become a successful speaker step by step.

If it still sounds a bit like a mountain to climb, let’s do it a step at a time, you will be pleasantly surprised how soon we will be looking down from the top of that mountain (or stage, as the case may be!)

Part One: Preparation

Establish your intention.

When receiving a request to make a presentation or speech, the first thing we need to consider is to define our purpose. It is critical that we establish the very reason that we are making the presentation. We need to ask ourselves this, “What result do I want to achieve from my speech?”, and “What do I want my listener to learn?” “What action do I want my audience to take following the talk?”

Starting out with either no specific goal or the wrong purpose in mind is one of the biggest mistakes we can make when we are new to public speaking. We have to remember that we are there as a communicator, a channel, or conduit to transfer information to our listener in the most effective way. Naturally we want to work towards doing that in the best possible way, but for the benefit of our listeners, not for our own esteem.

Right, so we need to think about the effect of our presentation, which could range from educating, motivating, creating impact, promoting an idea, or even inspiring our audience, will it actually do this?
Always keep in mind that we are there to give, not get. Our aim should be to help our audience to benefit from our presentation. Once we have our purpose or goal clear in our own mind we can concentrate on the best way to accomplish this.

Having established the purpose of our presentation, we can easily build our content and manner of presenting in the most effective way. Remember that the secret of successful public speaking is not to look for applause or praise, but rather to impart something of value. When we learn to operate with that frame of mind, we know we are starting out with the right priorities and can proceed with the next stages of our preparation.  Incidentally, stay with me on this and the applause and praise will come naturally.

Now we know what our purpose is we can start to prepare in earnest.  This can be fun – seriously!

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