How to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Overcome the Fear

To be a Successful Speaker you need to be confident in your ability to communicate your ideas to others.

Fear or anxiety about Public Speaking can sometimes  destroy that confidence right from the start. How can we ‘lose it or use it’ to allow us to become effective speakers?

MIcrophone and Audience

Does The Thought of This Scare You?

Many people who enjoy all types of abilities share a common fear of speaking, – ‘in public’.

I have often been approached after a presentation with comments such as “You wouldn’t get me up on a platform speaking in front of all those people!” or, ” I wish I had the ability to make a speech like that”.  This is not neccessarily said as a compliment to my skills, but often just a wistful thought expressing the desire of my listener.  The truth of the matter is, that Public Speaking is a learnable skill that most people can, with a little work and encouragement from a speaker coach,  achieve.

Very few people are ‘born speakers’ and the most successful have to work to get that way.  Many started out with few natural abilities, but like any other skill set, the ‘tools of the trade’ can be learned, developed and fine tuned to the point where a successful, professional, motivational speaker can command some very healthy fees for his or her appearances.  In terms of earnings for example, an in-demand speaker is seen as one of the highest paid income groups in the world.

Even if you don’t aspire to be part of this elite group, but would just like the ability to address a group of wedding guests, fellow students, employees, business associates, the congregation at your church, or a roomfull of potential clients, if you can overcome the fear, you are well on the way to becoming a confident speaker.

Nobody expects you to be able to just ignore it and hope that it goes away by itself.

It won’t.

In fact if you put off trying to overcome it, you will find that the longer you leave it the worse it will get, until you are paralysed into thinking that it is an impossible task.

It isn’t.

Like many obstacles or barriers it can be dismantled in easy steps and that is exactly what we will do together in the next few posts.

I would like to share with you 5 ways that we can use to dispell the myths about  stagefright, butterflies in the stomach, platform phobia and plain old ‘fear’, and invite you to check out the following post. I guarantee that if you take the steps outlined there you will develop a different and more positive approach to any speaking assignments that come your way!



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