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This is Tony James.

Thank you for visiting my website!  Many people acknowledge that Public Speaking is a number one fear or phobia and dread the thought of having to deliver a speech, presentation, eulogy, sermon, proposal (matrimonial or business!) or even stand up and say a few words at a wedding.  My goal is to help people conquer that initial fear and change the anxiety into a positive attitude that will aid you to become a better speaker, a more effective communicator and improve your personal, business and social life.

For many years I have been privileged to teach and coach people of varying abilities to improve their speaking and communication skills.  Although being an important asset in itself, having the ability and confidence even to be a good conversationalist can do a lot to improve your life and self esteem.  In other words it is an essential part of any ‘self-improvement’ program.

If you are at college, university or on a training course, your progress will be enhanced if you are skilled in the art of public speaking and debating.

If you are an employee, your career path will benefit greatly if you are able to demonstrate that you are a good communicator.

If you are running a business, you will find that speaking well is extremely important, whether face to face, on the telephone, or at seminars, forums, exhibitions, demonstrations, house parties or online through audio or video channels.

If you are endeavouring to improve your lifestyle, improve your social level, or enjoy better relationships, the art of good conversation is a key skill to develop.

I would like to be a part of your learning, to help you achieve your goals!

One way I may be able to help is through my ongoing Blog on this site where you’ll find a series of free tips, hints, case studies, examples and  anecdotes and where you can also obtain a free copy of my “Mini Guide to Confident Speaking.

Tony James - Speaker Coach

Tony James

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